Procedure and Indispensable Ingredients in the Production of “Okpa” A Ready To Eat Food Product: A Survey

  • Nzelu, I. C Food Technology Department, Federal Polytechnic Oko
Keywords: BGN flour, indispensable ingredients, packaging, cooking, “Okpa” Food Product


The processing technique and the indispensable ingredients used in the processing of “Okpa” food product (OFP), a gelled Nigerian food product made from Bambara groundnut seeds’ flour was surveyed. Answer from a 37 point questionnaire returned from 189 respondents and analyzed revealed the following: The recipe was: one painter measure 2.5kg-3kg BGN Flour, one liter of palm oil, about six liters of potable water, 5-10g of salt. The use of ground pepper was optional. Four steps were involved in the production of “okpa” food product from bambara groundnut (BGN) seeds. Step 1, was the production of flour by milling the cleaned bambara groundnut seeds into flour. The second step was the thorough mixing of the flour with three indispensable ingredients namely: water, palm oil, pepper and salt to produce the slurry/paste. In step three, this slurry was packaged into retail unit packs after thorough mixing, and was dropped into a pot containing boiling water and, on a steady heat source, for cooking to take place. Cooking (the fourth stage) was allowed for about 3hrs for the slurry/paste to fully gel or get cooked. At the end of the cooking period, cooling of the retail units was allowed. However, the commercial producers enclosed the hot retail packs in available improvised insulators for the “Okpa” food product, so as to retain its heat for the sales’ period.