Task Analysis and Trouble Shooting

  • Eneh, O.C. Institute for Development Studies, Enugu Campus, University of Nigeria, Nsukka
  • Agunamba, J. C. Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Univerity of Nigeria, Nsukka


Orderliness, decorum, discipline and harmony are needed in work environment for optimal productivity.  But, most establishments in Nigeria are lacking in these needs. The worker often does a thing in his way, at his time and rate. He has generally replaced punctuality with lateness, commitment with truancy, diligence with self-serving interest, and integrity with impunity and it-doesn’t-matter attitude. He does not really care to be efficient. Yet, efficiency is a hallmark of high growth establishments, while inefficiency grinds an establishment to a reproachable halt. To address the situation, fresh workers need training to make them fit to perform; subsisting workers need refresher training to restore competence in them because of the tendency of humans to relapse into unproductive habits. Task analysis inform the content and design of worker training and refreshers to keep them fit to perform. Troubleshooting serves for restoration and continuity of production and prevention of further failure. Frequent task analysis and trouble shooting are recommended for the staff of every establishment in Nigeria.