Proximate Composition and Micronutrient Quality of Commercial “Igba”, “Osu Akidi” And “Okpa” (Three Legume Based Food Products)

  • Nzelu, I.C. Food Technology Department, Federal Polytechnic, Oko
  • Nwosu U.L. Food Technology Department, Federal Polytechnic, Oko
Keywords: Traditional foods,


The proximate composition and some micronutrient quality of "Igba", "Osuakidi" and “Okpa” were studied. The moisture and ash contents of the samples were 42.32±035% and 3.02±0.02% for "Igba”; 34.72±0.46% and 9.59±0.37% for “Osuakidi” and 50.09±0.29 and 4.60±0.60% for “Okpa” respectively. Their crude protein contents were 19.09±0.63% for “Igba” 27.29±0.37% for “Osuakidi” and 19.32±0.32% for “Okpa” while their respective fat/lipid contents were 9.70±0.21%, 3.13±0.05%, and 10.56± 0.5% for “Igba” “Osuakidi” and “Okpa”. Microelements like iron, magnesium and calcium were 1.47± 0.01ppm; 18.66±2.40ppm, and 2.73±4.96ppm for “Igba”. “Osuakidi” had 19.66± 1.34ppm magnesium and 30.46±0.54ppm Calcium and these were significantly higher than the values from the other legume based food products studied. Enhanced consumption of these local foods/delicacies should be encouraged.



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