A Survey of Publisher Compliance With Bibliographic Practices In Nigeria

  • Tralagba, Chris Eriye University Library Evangel Univerity Akaeze, Ebonyi State,


The inability of Nigerian publishers to conform to international standards of publishing has been identified as the bane of publishing in Nigeria. The study investigated publisher compliance with bibliographic codes and standards in Nigeria. Also interrogated were challenges faced by publishers in accessing these codes and standards, those faced by National Library of Nigeria in
administering these codes and standards and implementing the legal deposit obligations, as well those affecting the compilation of the National Bibliography of Nigeria (NBN). The descriptive research adopted the random sampling technique to select 410 publishers, librarians, authors and printers. The targets were reached with questionnaires, interviews, observation of records
and interaction for data gathering. Findings show unfounded fears by publishers regarding some perceived difficulties in getting these codes and conventions from the National Library of Nigeria, a general apathy among publishers towards the issue of legal deposit and the attendant difficulties in the compilation of the National Bibliography of Nigeria (NBN). Recommendations include discouraging all-comers from flooding the publishing business. The National Library of
Nigeria needs to reach out to Nigerian publishers in a massive media campaign for training, semimars, conferences and workshops on issues bordering on bibliographic control, legal deposit and other sundry matters in the publishing industry. The National Library Decree No. 29 of 1970 is long overdue for revision. Government needs to introduce import wavers and dutyfree
importation of essential printing/publishing materials and equipment.


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